Your Piggy's cage is one of the most important ways of planning for a Piggy or maybe you want to upgrade your Piggy's cage. Most people go by the pet store's way of saying, "Guinea pigs don't need much space." GUINEA PIGS NEED A LOT OF SPACE! I make all of my cages no smaller than 10 square feet which gives them plenty of room to exercise. If you were a Piggy, wouldn't you want a Piggy Condo? Pet store cages are extremely small, giving NO room for the piggy to engage in natural behaviors like popcorns and exploring. Pet store cages barely give enough room for a hidey house and sometimes guinea pig owners let three or more Piggies in these cages! Here's the guide to Guinea Pig Cages: 

^This is one of my C&C cages. All four of my C&C cages are exactly like this one. It has a hayrack and 2nd floor too. Nothing has been put into yet in this picture, but I use fleece as bedding. You can buy the fleece in your choice of pattern at Wal-Mart in the Craft department. I use this cage for my two Peruvians, but it also fits three short hair piggies. 

The best part of C&C's are that: you make them to the fullest of your imagination! There's no limits to C&C cages! They're very easy to build and clean, too. For clear and easy instructions and pictures visit: 

So when you're shopping for your Piggy, don't forget to cross "pet store cage" off your list! Pet store cages are also A LOT more expensive than C&C cages, too! The average C&C cage costs around $80 depending on where you buy your supplies. 

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