Ella was an owner turn-in at a shelter when her former owners said they could not afford her and their other guinea pig, who I also adopted (Latte). Ella is super spunky and talkative! As seen in her picture, she LOVES her cozy tent she got for Christmas! She's an olive color Abysinnian. She loves her new C&C cage and the new hutch she shares during the warmer months with Latte.

Latte and Emmy

Latte was adopted from a shelter with Ella when their owner couldn't afford them. Latte is a very spunky girl, too! She's a brown Abysinnian with a perfect white stripe down her nose. As pictured, Latte loved spending time with Emmy, my 8 year old American piggy who past away in Fall 2008. Latte didn't eat for three days after Emmy's death which definitely showed the bond they had. Fortunately, she began eating again and is now living with Ella.


Rescued with Mimsy, who died of scurvy a few days after being purchased with Roxy, Roxy had a severe case of scurvy when she was bought from a local pet store. The people that bought her took her to a vet, but couldn't afford treatment. So a local rescue group took in Roxy after the owners surrendered her. After she amazingly recovered the rescue found out that she had brain damage possibly from being shipped to the pet store she might have been tossed in a box or some other possibilities. When I saw her on PetFinder I knew she would make an excellent addition to my herd! Roxy is a sweet heart, but she's estimated not to live as long as my others as a result of her brain injuries. This is just another reason to boycott stores that sell animals. Roxy is a tri-color Abysinnian.


Pearl is a white Abysinnian who was an owner turn-in to a pet store that was closing down in a few months. Pearl was never bought so the store was going to sell her to a breeder until a rescue group stepped in and the store surrendered her. I was searching piggies on PetFinder and I fell in love with her so of course... I applied and she soon became a member of my squeakin' piggy family! She is sometimes shy, but I've tamed her a lot. She lives in a C&C cage with two other guinea pigs. She and Roxy always hang in their hammock together. Pictures just don't do her justice, especially when the film always turns her eyes red! Anyway, this is one dynamic piggy!

Dulche, Lil' Maybelle, and Neve 

Dulche is my beautiful cream American who was purchased at a PetSmart and happened to be pregnant. After she was purchased, she gave birth to Lil' Maybelle (cream, brown and white American) and Neve (white American). The owners had no idea how to care for any of the babies or Dulche while giving birth so they called a rescue group and surrendered the piggies. The rescue took all three piggies with them and the babies survived! When available for adoption I adopted all three of them and they currently are doing great! 

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