Guinea Pigs are a big addition as a pet. They aren't like hamsters or gerbils. They need attention and care just as a dog or cat does. They need Vitamin C, vegetables, fruit, and fresh food everyday. Many Piggies are in shelters or rescues right now because owners made an impulse buy at a pet store. Guinea pigs are not products and you need to seriously think before adopting a Guinea Pig. Think about this before you adopt a Piggy:

*you need at least 2 Piggies because Guinea pigs are herd animals

*if your Piggy becomes sick you'll need to be able to invest in vet bills

*spaying/neutering your piggy can help reduce health problems

*Guinea Pigs live for 8-10 years- Can you make this lifelong commitment? 

*an adult needs to be a primary caregiver 

*Guinea pigs need plenty of space and exercise 

*You'll need to buy fresh fruits/vegetables once or twice a week for your Piggies to have daily

Food for Piggies can add up too, depending on how many Pigs you have. For my ten Piggies, I buy a large bag of Oxbow Cavy Cuisine (which costs about $18.99) every two weeks. Here's the supply list for two Guinea pigs:

-a 7.5-13 square foot C&C cage (pet store cages are WAY too small and quite expensive)

-a 16 or 32 oz. non-leaking water bottle

-a bag of Oxbow Cavy Performance (for piggies under 6 months) or Oxbow Cavy Cuisine (for piggies over 6 months)

-Oxbow GTN-50C Vitamin C supplement

-Vitamin drops for food or water

-1/8 measuring cup

-toys, a cozy, hammocks, accessories 

-bedding (i use fleece as bedding because its much cleaner and less mess, especially for long hairs)

-food dish

-dish for vegetables/fruit

-fruits/vegetables (see the "Food" page)

-treats that are high in Vitamin C

-Timothy hay

-hay rack, hay sock, or hay "cube" for Timothy hay

-soft brush

-wire brush

-nail clippers (ask a vet how to clip their nails)

-KwikStop gel (quickly stops the bleeding if you cut the quick while clipping their nails!)

-hidey house or "Pigloo"


-books (i recommend buying a book so you can know more about owning a Guinea pig)

-food storage containers

-shampoo for guinea pigs (it's good to have this handy, especially if you have a long hair Guinea pig)

-large play pen (you will need this during warm months and for floor time!!)

I hope this helps you when deciding about owning a Piggy!

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