Hey! Here's some funs ideas for you and your guinea pigs! Remember, piggies get bored too so to prevent boredom you can make toys or add something fun to their cage like:

Old Socks: I found this idea at Cavy Cages. You just find a small old sock, fill it with bedding or hay, and sew the top of the sock closed! My piggies love dragging their sock, flipping it, and even snuggling with it. 

Snack balls: Snack balls are toys that hold treats in them for your guinea pig to figure out how they get the treats out. My pigs love the 'Snacky Snack Ball' I bought at Drs. Foster and Smith. Every time they roll it, their favorite treats come out!

Pipes/Tubes: I only use tubes and tunnels designed for guinea pigs which I can buy online or at a pet supply store. They have the ferret tunnels which my piggies like to run in and out of! 

Ferret Toys: At pet stores you can find ferret toys including mini tennis balls and rolling toys. My piggies love the rolling ones and some I can even stuff with hay! 


Cozy Saks/Cuddly Cups: My Piggies love the soft little pouches I make called Cozy Saks. It's really easy to make your own or you can buy one. Your Pig will love to sleep or be held inside of it!


BIRD TOYS: I gave a few of my pigs a bird toy in their cage a while back. About a week later I was feeding them and noticed that BB Pig wasn't eating. A piece of the bird toy had gotten stuck on her front teeth! I had to take pliers to get it off and thankfully I did! 

CAT TOYS: As with bird toys, many cat toys contain small parts and bells. It's much better to make your own toys or buy toys that are intended for small pets.

^Roxy loves her new Cozy Sak I made.

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