This is the page where you can e-mail me a picture of a Guinea pig you owned or knew of that passed away. Most experienced Guinea pig owners know what it's like to say good-bye even if you're not ready yet. I've lost my first two piggies, Emmy and Stewie. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Stewie, he died about seven years ago. Anyway, please send me a picture and the following information about your beloved and everlasting pig(s):



Favorite food was:

Your First Name:

Some words to say about this pig(s): 



Emmy, aka Emily, was an owner turn-in at an animal shelter who's owner claimed that her daughter wouldn't care for her anymore. I had gone to the shelter looking for a friend to my guinea pig, Stewie, who was a neutered male American pig, about two years old. There were a few other small pets for adoption too, but I saw Emily and something told me to adopt her. So I took her home that day and she loved Stewie! A week later I had her spayed and checked by a vet: all healthy! She had the cutest "chipmunk-like" face and she was no small piggy. The vet even told me her weight was three 3 pounds, big for a female! I could tell she had become a little overweight probably from lack of exercise. This piggy definitely had no lack of appetite!

About two years later, Stewie died of a horrible respiratory infection and Emmy started to become depressed.. not eating or drinking either! Immediately I searched for a new companion for her, but after two days she started eating and drinking normally. I didn't get her a cage mate until I started adopting my current piggies. Emmy passed away not forgotten, and never to be forgotten and that is the mark that a Guinea Pig will leave on your heart.

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