So do you think a guinea pig is the right pet for you? Great! But where do you go to get your perfect piggy?

Pet stores- A big NO! Pet store piggies are from small pet mills that result in unhealthy young guinea pigs. These pigs are sometimes too young. However, some guinea pigs at pet stores are owner turn-ins, but most come from mills and are not healthy.

Breeder- Going to a breeder is a way to find a purebred guinea pig, as they come in many breeds. However, in my opinion, why breed when there's guinea pigs at shelters? 

Rescue/Shelter- YES! Adopting a guinea pig helps save the life of a piggy! Also, rescued piggies are usually already vetted and neutered so it's all worth it in the end. You can visit your local animal shelters or call to see if they currently have available guinea pigs. If no luck, check rescue groups. Rescue groups usually have a variety of breeds and very cute piggies! All of my piggies are rescues, even my two Peruvian girls. Remember, don't shop adopt!

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