Roxy Update! Feb 18, 09

Around two months ago Roxy's eye became horribly swollen and full of scar tissue. Good news! Her eye is almost completely healed! For two months she's been on antibiotics and pain medicine and her eye was estimated not to be saved. I was going to have her eye removed, but I thought she deserved a chance at saving her eye and now she can see almost completely through it!

New C&C Cages!

After three years of the same cages I thought it was time to make some new ones. So I made four new, two story, 13 square foot C&C cages for all of my Piggies! What did I do with the old cages? Well, they were still able to be used and I definitely didn't want to waste them so I donated them all to a local small pet rescue! I encourage anyone that no longer needs a C&C cage to donate it to a rescue or shelter, it sure saves them money on having to make new ones themselves. Below is a picture of one the new C&C cages complete with a hay rack! I still have to make some ramps so they can climb to their second floor, but for now they're staying on the first floor. People have been asking where I get my cubes and I get them at Target. I've also gotten some at Wal Mart, but the spaces in between each grid can be too big there sometimes.


And that's all the current news at Piggy Confetti!


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